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=='''Andrew County Ambulance District'''==
=='''Andrew County Ambulance District'''==
*'''Headquarters Location:''' Savannah, MO
*'''Headquarters Location:''' Savannah, MO
*'''Operating Authority:''' Board of Directors
*'''Operating Authority:''' Ambulance District Board
*'''Service Type:''' Advanced Life Support
*'''Service Type:''' Advanced Life Support
*'''Coverage area:''' See "Overview" section
*'''Coverage area:''' See "Overview" section

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Andrew County Ambulance District[edit]

  • Headquarters Location: Savannah, MO
  • Operating Authority: Ambulance District Board
  • Service Type: Advanced Life Support
  • Coverage area: See "Overview" section
  • Number of Units: 3 Ford E450 Ambulances and 1 first responder vehicle
  • Dispatch Provider: In-House Communications Center
  • Official Website: Andrew County Ambulance District Website


Andrew County Ambulance District provides emergency medical response to 465 square miles of Central, Southern, Southeastern, and Western Andrew County.

Dispatch, Radio System, and Frequency Information for this agency[edit]

Conventional Frequencies[edit]

User Frequency Tone Type Voice Description
Andrew County Ambulance District (Dispatch) 151.4675 Conventional DMR
Andrew County Ambulance District (Ops 2) 155.235 Conventional Analog
Andrew County Ambulance District (Ops 3) 151.3775 Conventional DMR