City of Chillicothe

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City of Chillicothe, MO[edit]

  • Country: United States
  • State: Missouri
  • County: Livingston
  • GPS Coordinates: N39.47.61 W93.33.22
  • Location Type: Incorporated City
  • Classification: Special Charter
  • Population Total: 9,025 (2017 estimate)
  • Year of Population Count: 2017
  • Source of Population Count: MO Secretary of State
  • Primary 9-1-1 Dispatch Center for this Location: Chillicothe Police Dept Communications Center
  • Local Law Enforcement Agency: Chillicothe Police Department
  • Local Fire Protection Agency: Chillicothe Fire Department
  • Local EMS Agency: Chillicothe Fire Department
  • Official Website: City of Chillicothe Website

Chillicothe Police and Fire[edit]

Chillicothe Police Dept operates their own countywide Law/Fire/EMS dispatch center which serves as the primary public safety answering point for all 9-1-1 calls that originate in the City of Chillicothe and Livingston County.

Chillicothe Fire Dept also operates their own secondary dispatch center. When there's no personnel available to cover the station, calls are routed to and dispatched by Chillicothe PD Dispatch.

Dispatch, Radio System, and Frequency Information for this location[edit]

Conventional Frequencies[edit]

User Frequency Tone Type Voice Description
Chillicothe Police Dispatch 155.9475 NAC 2AF Conventional P25
Chillicothe Fire (Paging/Tone-Outs) 154.980 179.9 Conventional Analog
Chillicothe Fire Dispatch/Ops 155.5725 NAC 4AF Conventional P25

Missouri Statewide P25 Trunked System (Livingston County)[edit]

MOSWIN Avalon Site

154.665 154.9275 155.385 169.775 170.5125

MOSWIN Trenton Site

769.45625 769.70625 770.45625 770.70625 773.08125 773.83125

Livingston County Talkgroups[edit]

Talkgroup User Talkgroup ID Voice Description
Livingston County Countywide Call 28401 P25
Livingston County Statewide Travel 28402 P25