City of Effingham

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City of Effingham, KS[edit]

  • Country: United States
  • State: Kansas
  • County: Atchison
  • GPS Coordinates: N39.31.33 W95.24.05
  • Location Type: Incorporated City
  • Classification: 3rd Class
  • Population Total: 540 (2012 Estimate)
  • Year of Population Count: 2012
  • Source of Population Count: United States Census Bureau
  • Primary 9-1-1 Dispatch Center for this Location: Atchison County 9-1-1 Communications Center
  • Local Law Enforcement Agency: Atchison County Sheriff's Office
  • Local Fire Protection Agency: Atchison County Fire District 2
  • Local EMS Agency: Atchison County EMS

Law Enforcement[edit]

Effingham contracts with the Atchison County Sheriff's Office for law enforcement response and patrol services.

Fire Protection[edit]

Atchison County Fire District 2 provides fire protection to the City of Effingham.

Emergency Medical Services[edit]

Atchison County EMS provides emergency medical response to the City of Effingham.

Dispatch, Radio System, and Frequency Information for this location[edit]

KSICS P25 Trunked System (Atchison County)[edit]

KSICS Huron Site

851.7125 852.4875 852.775 853.075 853.425 853.725

KSICS P25 Trunked System (Atchison County)[edit]

KSICS Atchison Site

854.5375 856.1875 856.6375 857.0125 857.5375 858.1125

Effingham Talkgroups[edit]

Talkgroup User Talkgroup ID Voice Description
Atchison County Sheriff's Office Patrol Dispatch 4866 P25 Dispatch for County Deputies
Atchison County EMS Dispatch 4429 P25

Additional talkgroups can be found here.

Conventional Frequencies[edit]

User Frequency Tone Type Voice Description
Atchison County Fire Dispatch 453.300 DCS 155 Conventional Analog Dispatch for Fire District 2 and Station Alerting for Atchison County EMS