Dade County Emergency Services Dispatch Center

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Dade County Emergency Services Dispatch Center[edit]

  • Dispatch Center Location (City/State): Greenfield, MO
  • County Population Total: 7,588 (2017 estimate)
  • Year of Population Count: 2017
  • Source of Population Count: United States Census Bureau
  • Dispatch Center Capabilities and Type: Law Enforcement and Fire
  • Operating Authority: Dade County Emergency Services Board
  • Number of Law Enforcement Agencies Served: 4
  • Number of Fire Protection Agencies Served: 5
  • Number of EMS Agencies Served: None
  • Official Website: Dade County Emergency Services Dispatch Center Website


Dade County Emergency Services answers 9-1-1 calls and provides dispatch support for the following agencies:

  • Law Enforcement
    • Dade County Sheriff's Office
    • Everton Police Department
    • Greenfield Police Department
    • Lockwood Police Department
  • Fire Departments
    • Dade County R-4 Fire Protection District
    • Dadeville Rural Fire Protection District
    • Everton Fire Department
    • Everton Rural Fire Protection District
    • Lockwood Volunteer Fire Department