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Note: This article describes how to create new article pages, but editing this page will not create a new article! For information on how to create new articles, please see the information below.

Before starting a new article, ask yourself: is it really even necessary to start a new one?

Before starting a brand new article from scratch, please check and make sure that the page you want to create doesn't already exist, or , that the same information doesn't already exist on another page. First, Do a search for the name of your proposed page and see what comes up.

If your search doesn't yield any results, feel free to create the new article!

How to start a new article page from scratch

The frustrating thing for most contributors is that our wiki software does not contain a "create new page" button or command. This is actually by design, not mistake. The theory is that new pages should be linked from existing pages and be part of the cohesive whole of our project, not isolated on their own.

The best way to create a new article is to create a new link to that page from an existing one, then follow that link to begin editing. We prefer that you start at the main page and look for the county that your new article pertains to, or, you can use the search function to find a related topic. For example: let's say you want to start a new article page about Parkville, MO. First, you'll go to the main page and click on the "Platte County, MO" category. Once you reach the Platte County, MO page, you will click the edit tab at the top of the page, scroll down to "Cities and Towns", then create your link under that section.

If there's nothing related to link from, simply enter your desired page title into the search box (top right). You'll see that no results matched and there will be an option to create the new page.

To edit a page using wiki markup code, type the title of your new page somewhere on the screen, placing it between the double brackets [[like so]]. That will create a link to a new blank page with the title you specified between the double brackets.

Remember, something is better than nothing

Don't feel obligated to cover an entire subject in just one go around. It's perfectly fine to get started with just a small amount of information. If you make a stub to start an article, others should follow your lead and eventually add in more information. So, something is better than nothing. Just dig in and start your new page!