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=='''Intercity Fire Protection District'''==
=='''Intercity Fire Protection District'''==
*'''Headquarters Location:''' Blue Summit, MO
*'''Headquarters Location:''' Blue Summit, MO
*'''Operating Authority:''' Board of Directors
*'''Operating Authority:''' Fire District Board
*'''Department Type:''' Mostly part-time and volunteer
*'''Department Type:''' Mostly part-time and volunteer
*'''First Responder/Medical Capabilities:''' Advanced and Basic Life Support Ambulances
*'''First Responder/Medical Capabilities:''' Advanced and Basic Life Support Ambulances

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Intercity Fire Protection District[edit]

  • Headquarters Location: Blue Summit, MO
  • Operating Authority: Fire District Board
  • Department Type: Mostly part-time and volunteer
  • First Responder/Medical Capabilities: Advanced and Basic Life Support Ambulances
  • Coverage area: See "Overview" section
  • Dispatch Provider: AMR Communications Center
  • Official Website: Intercity Fire Protection District Website


Intercity Fire Protection District provides fire protection and emergency medical response to the unincorporated community of Blue Summit, MO.

Fire Stations and Equipment[edit]

  • Intercity Fire Protection District: 1702 Blue Ridge Blvd
    • Engine 1 (E-One Pumper)
    • Engine 2
    • Squad 1 (Chevy Brush/Utility Truck)
    • Medic 1 (Ford E350 Ambulance)
    • Medic 2 (2000 GMC 3500 Ambulance)
    • Medic 3 (Ford E350 Ambulance)

Dispatch, Radio System, and Frequency Information for this agency[edit]

Metropolitan Area Regional Radio System (Kansas City, MO P25 Site 401)[edit]

851.050 (Control Channel) 851.325 (Control Channel) 851.4875 851.600 (Control Channel) 851.825 851.8625 (Control Channel) 852.050 852.075
852.175 852.225 852.4125 852.4375 852.5875 852.6625 852.7375 852.875
852.9625 852.9875 853.150 853.2375 853.4875 853.7375 854.1375 854.5875
854.7125 855.6625 856.1625

Intercity Fire Protection District Talkgroups[edit]

Talkgroup User Talkgroup ID Voice Description
AMR Ambulance (Independence Dispatch) 31845 P25 Dispatch for Intercity Fire Protection District
Intercity Fire Protection District Operations 34389 P25

Conventional Frequencies[edit]

User Frequency Tone Type Voice Description
Intercity Fire Protection District (Paging/Station Alerting) 154.385 PL 103.5 Conventional Analog unsure if still used for tone-outs