MOSWIN Project 25 Digital Trunked System (Trenton/Grundy County)

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Missouri Statewide P25 System (MOSWIN Trenton Site)[edit]

  • System Type: APCO Project 25 Phase 1 (Phase 2 Capable)
  • Status: Active
  • FCC License: WPTZ 785
  • WACN ID: BEE00
  • System ID: 1CE

System Description[edit]

This site is primarily used by MSHP and other state agencies. Grundy, Livingston, and Mercer Counties use this site for some dispatching operations and interoperable communications.

Current and Future System Users[edit]

Statewide System Users[edit]

Agency or User Current Status P25 Mode
Missouri State Highway Patrol Troop H (all operations) Active Phase 1
Missouri Dept of Revenue (some operations) Active Phase 1
Missouri Division of Fire Safety Region H (some operations) Active Phase 1
Missouri Dept of Natural Resources (all operations) Active Phase 1

Additional Notes and Information[edit]

This system is owned and leased by the State of Missouri.

System Frequencies[edit]

Missouri Statewide P25 Trunked System (MOSWIN Trenton Site System ID: 1CE)[edit]

769.45625 (control channel) 769.70625 770.45625 (control channel) 770.70625 773.08125 773.83125
  • Grundy, Livingston, and Mercer County talkgroups can be found here.