Mercer County Sheriff's Office

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Mercer County Sheriff Deputies provide law enforcement response to the entire county.

Dispatch, Radio System, and Frequency Information for this agency[edit]

MOSWIN P25 Trunked System (Mercer County)[edit]

MOSWIN Princeton Site

154.995 155.685 169.650

MOSWIN P25 Trunked System (Mercer County)[edit]

MOSWIN Trenton Site

769.45625 769.70625 770.45625 770.70625 773.08125 773.83125

Mercer County Sheriff's Office Talkgroups[edit]

Talkgroup User Talkgroup ID Voice Description
Mercer County Countywide Call 28801 P25
Mercer County Statewide Travel 28802 P25
Mercer County Sheriff's Office Dispatch 28803 P25

Conventional Frequencies[edit]

User Frequency Tone Type Voice Description
Mercer County Sheriff's Office Operations 155.625 Conventional Analog Possibly using full encryption