Midwest AeroCare

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Midwest AeroCare[edit]

  • Headquarters Location: Denton, TX
  • Operating Authority: Private Service
  • Base Locations (KS): Chanute and Pittsburg
  • Service Type: Advanced Life Support
  • Clinical Services Provider (Flight Nurses and Paramedics): Med-Trans Corporation
  • Aviation Services Provider (Pilots and Mechanics): Med-Trans Corporation
  • Coverage area: See "Overview" section
  • Number of Aircaft: 2 in Kansas
  • Dispatch Provider: Med-Trans Communications Center (located in Denton, TX)


Midwest AeroCare is an air ambulance service headquartered in Denton, TX. They provide response to Eastern/Southeastern Kansas and Western/Southwestern Missouri. Midwest AeroCare operates with a fleet of 2 aircraft, and flies critically ill/injured patients from scenes and smaller rural medical facilities to larger tertiary care hospitals. Response area is generally within a 100 mile radius of each base.

Midwest AeroCare is owned and operated by the Med-Trans Corporation, a subsidiary of Air Medical Group Holdings, LLC (AMGH).

Bases and Aircraft (Kansas)[edit]

Midwest AeroCare 2[edit]

Midwest AeroCare 2 is a 2007 Bell 407 helicopter (N911GX) that is based at Atkinson Municipal Airport in Pittsburg, KS.

Midwest AeroCare 3[edit]

Midwest AeroCare 3 is a 2014 Airbus AS350B2 helicopter (N921EM) that is based at Martin Johnson Airport in Chanute, KS.

Dispatch, Radio System, and Frequency Information for this agency[edit]

Kansas Operations[edit]

Midwest AeroCare uses secure satellite communications and the Kansas Statewide P25 digital system for dispatch and flight operations.

Midwest AeroCare Talkgroups (KSICS P25 System)[edit]

Talkgroup User Talkgroup ID Voice Description
EagleMed/Midwest AeroCare Primary Dispatch 670 P25
EagleMed/Midwest AeroCare Secondary Dispatch 674 P25
EagleMed/Midwest AeroCare Flight Operations-1 671 P25
EagleMed/Midwest AeroCare Flight Operations-2 672 P25