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The Missouri/Kansas Scanner Radio Wiki Project is a free, complete, reliable, and up to date regional radio scanning guide built in collaboration with radio communications/scanner monitoring hobbyists across Kansas and Missouri.

Our project was built with the spirit of knowledge which is what makes our radio communications hobby so enjoyable. The whole idea here is that when radio communications enthusiasts come across new or updated information about various areas (agency details, new radio systems, public safety radio frequencies, etc), they can use this wiki to swap information, share their knowledge, and keep others in the loop. We want to make it easy to share the flow of information. Our relaxed copyright license means that the information you gather here can be shared just about anywhere you desire.

To create and maintain this project, we use a tool (or process/technology) known as a wiki, which allows anyone to create and edit any article page found here. We share all of our bits of knowledge, edit them, and finally assemble them into one great resource! The more people who click the create or edit tabs, the better this project becomes.