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Most users of this wiki project, but by no means all, are relatively experienced Internet users who value their online privacy while surfing the Web. The following policy tries to balance the needs of individual users with the needs of our online project community as a whole.

  1. Missouri/Kansas Scanner Radio Wiki user information will not be shared or sold to anyone for any reason. Your user information will not be sold or shared with any marketing companies or other parties who want to pester you. Most of us probably receive enough unsolicited bulk (junk) e-mail as it is; we won't go out of our way to aggravate that problem.
  2. You may receive e-mail and private messages from other wiki users. Each user page contains a link to message another user. Your e-mail address isn't visible to others, but they will be able to send you private messages via the web form. Additionally, if you send messages to another user, your user name will be used in the "From" field. Messages sent via our wiki project are not anonymous! You can disable e-mail and private messages at any time by adjusting your user preferences. * Note: With user registrations suspended indefinitely, this won't be an issue you need to worry about.
  3. You may receive e-mail from the wiki administrator and/or moderators, even if you've disabled e-mail from other users.In extreme, rare circumstances, the wiki administrator or moderators may contact you directly via e-mail. Again, this would only occur under extraordinary or unusual circumstances (and only if you have a registered user account).* Note: Again, with user registrations being suspended indefinitely, there won't be a need for us (admins or moderators) to contact you.
  4. All IP addresses are automatically recorded. The MediaWiki software used by our project automatically records the IP addresses of all contributors, anonymous or otherwise. This is mostly done to give some sort of identity. In cases of legal hassles, all IP log information will be turned over to the courts or law enforcement officials on demand.
  5. Missouri/Kansas Scanner Radio user information will be handed over to comply with a law enforcement investigation or court orders. Your wiki user identity will not be protected in the event of a legal investigation. We're not some kind of "digital snitch" service, nor do we go out of our way to rat people out to the authorities, but we do need to protect our user community and this project first.
  6. Your "real name" will be used for attribution. Located at the bottom of each page is an attribution block showing who worked on or edited the article. This is simply a feature: we're giving you credit for your hard work. You are not required to provide your real name. Just don't fill in the "real name" field when signing up or omit it altogether from your user preferences.
  7. Your user name (if registered) or IP address (if anonymous) are associated with all edits and other changes. Whenever you create or edit an article page, your user name or IP address will be associated with that change. This is required by our Creative Commons-Attribution ShareAlike 3.0 copyright license. We need to have some sort of identifier to attribute your work to.
  8. User pages are published, our copyright license works. Your personal user page is released under the same copyright license as any other Missouri/Kansas Scanner Radio Wiki article page. Don't put personal information out there that you would feel uncomfortable having appear on other websites, wiki projects, web search results, in books, projected onto sides of buildings, etc.