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MOSWIN Statewide P25 System (MOSWIN Warsaw Site)

  • System Type: APCO Project 25 (Phase 1)
  • Status: Active
  • FCC License: WPTZ 785
  • System Owner: State of Missouri
  • WACN ID: BEE00
  • System ID: 1CE

System Description

This site is primarily used by MSHP and other state agencies. Certain Benton County agencies use this site on a limited basis for various operations.

Current and Future System Users

Agency or User Current Status P25 Mode
Benton County Central 9-1-1 Dispatch (limited operations) Active Phase 1
Benton County Emergency Management (limited operations) Active Phase 1
Missouri State Highway Patrol Troop A (all operations) Active Phase 1
Missouri Dept of Revenue (some operations) Active Phase 1
Missouri Division of Fire Safety Region A (some operations) Active Phase 1
Missouri Dept of Natural Resources (all operations) Active Phase 1
LifeFlight Eagle Helicopters (some operations) Active Phase 1

Additional Notes and System Information

This system is owned and leased by the State of Missouri.

System Frequencies

Missouri Statewide P25 Trunked System (MOSWIN Warsaw Site System ID: 1CE)

773.03125 (Control Channel) 773.28125 (Control Channel) 773.53125 773.78125 774.03125 774.28125
  • Pettis County talkgroups can be found here.