Standard 10-Codes for Kansas

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Below are standard 10-codes used by the Kansas Highway Patrol. Local agencies may elect to use their own sets of radio codes and terminology, however, most have transitioned to plain speech.

Standard Kansas 10-Codes
10-Code What it means
10-1 Radio signal is broken or weak
10-2 Radio signal is loud and clear
10-3 Stop Transmitting
10-4 Affirmative/Confirm/Agree/Copy
10-5 Relay
10-6 Busy
10-7 Out of Service
10-8 In Service
10-9 Repeat last transmission
10-10 Temporarily out of service, subject to assignment or call
10-11 Remain in service
10-12 Detainee or subjects are present who shouldn't overhear officer's radio traffic
10-13 Weather information
10-14 Escort
10-15 Subject is being detained or in custody
10-16 Pickup subject(s) or item(s)
10-17 Nothing for you
10-18 Anything for me/us?
10-19 Return to headquarters/police station
10-20 Location
10-21 Call___by phone
10-22 Disregard
10-23 Arrived at assignment/on-scene
10-24 Last call or assignment has been completed
10-25 In contact with______
10-26 Holding subject
10-27 Drivers License Information
10-28 License plate information
10-29 Check subject for wants/warrants
10-30 Against policy
10-31 Urgent. All units remain in service.
10-32 Vehicle pursuit in progress. All units standby.
10-33 Emergency radio traffic
10-34 Trouble at____. All units respond.
10-35 Block Roadway
10-36 No further assistance needed
10-37 Not urgent. No rush.
10-38 Urgent, but non emergency (no lights and sirens)
10-39 Emergency response with lights and sirens
10-40 Fatality
10-41 Tow truck
10-42 Officer's residence
10-43 Meet officer at_____.
10-44 Vehicle Stop
10-45 Occupied vehicle check
10-46 Intoxicated Driver
10-47 Motor vehicle accident with no injuries
10-48 Motor vehicle accident with injuries
10-49 Ambulance
10-50 Deliver message
10-51 Did you get any answer on that call back number?
10-52 Please advise report number
10-53 Unable to copy information
10-55 Request permission to call___or use channel/talkgroup___.
10-56 Next message number
10-57 Please repeat information
10-59 Requesting radio maintenance or repair
10-60 Vehicle emergency equipment (lights/sirens) have malfunctioned
10-61 Please repeat your transmission slower
10-62 Please repeat your transmission and speak up
10-64 Air is clear. Units may resume normal radio traffic
10-65 All units standby for item assignment
10-66 All units standby for attempt to locate cancellation
10-67 All units standby for broadcast or message
10-68 Please repeat your test count
10-69 Your test count was unreadable
10-70 Test intermittently with no modulation for ___seconds/minutes.
10-71 Test constantly with tone
10-72 Please advise radio signal strength
10-73 Please advise my radio's audio quality
10-74 Your radio audio quality is good
10-75 Standby. You're jamming or your radio is causing interference
10-76 Your radio signal is broken or choppy
10-77 Unable to make contact
10-80 Meet officer___at____.
10-81 Make contact with your complainant
10-82 Conducting a suspicious vehicle stop
10-83 Roadway is blocked at____
10-84 Other law enforcement personnel in the area
10-86 Advise current time
10-87 Show me/us out at the shooting range
10-88 Please advise telephone number for___officer___.
10-89 Approach/proceed with caution
10-90 In-progress crime
10-91 Burglary in progress
10-92 Robbery in progress
10-93 Hold up alarm at____
10-94 Bomb threat at______
10-95 Fight in progress
10-96 Prowler
10-97 Domestic Violence
10-98 Large disturbance in progess
Response and Subject Signal Codes
Signal What it means
Signal 1 Subject is known to be armed
Signal 2 Subject is known to resist or fight with officers
Signal 3 Emotionally disturbed subject
Signal 4 Suicidal
Signal 5 Subject has prior criminal record
Signal 5A Subject has prior felony convictions
Signal 5B Subject has prior misdemeanor convictions
Signal 5C Subject has numerous prior traffic convictions (habitual offender)
Signal 6 Intelligence Subject
Signal 7 Active shooter in the area
Signal 8 Arsonist in the area
Signal 9 Subject has active felony warrants
Signal 10 Subject has active misdemeanor warrants
Signal 11 Your item or vehicle has been reported as stolen
Signal 12 Bomb explosion
Signal 13 Officer in distress, send help!
Subject Descriptor Codes
Descriptor Code What it means
Code 1 White Male
Code 2 White Female
Code 3 Black Male
Code 4 Black Female
Code 5 All other races
Weather Condition Reporting
Weather Code What it means
Code 1 Clear Skies
Code 2 Cloudy Skies
Code 3 Roadway is dry
Code 4 Light rainfall
Code 5 Heavy rainfall
Code 6 Light Mist
Code 7 Light snowfall
Code 8 Heavy snowfall
Code 9 Heavy snowfall (blowing and drifting snow)
Code 10 Fog
Code 11 Windy conditions (>20 MPH)
Code 12 Blowing dust
Code 13 Roadways are snow packed (widespread)
Code 14 Roadways are snow packed (isolated)
Code 15 Roadways are icy (widespread)
Code 16 Roadways are icy (isolated)
Code 17 Roadways are covered in slush
Code 18 Roadways have been treated with salt/sand
Code 19 Blizzard conditions
Code 20 Roadways are closed and/or impassable
Code 21 Traffic is reduced to one lane
Medical Triage Codes
Triage Code What it means
Type Green Non life threatening illness or injury
Type Yellow Potentially life threatening illness or injury
Type Red Life threatening illness or injury
Type Orange Patient is emotionally/mentally disturbed
Type Blue Patient is in cardiac arrest (CPR in progress)
Type Black Fatality/Obvious Death