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About Me (The Basics)[edit]

  • My real name: Jason
  • My City and State Location: Parkville, MO
  • My Interests and Hobbies: Firearms, hunting, fishing, auto repair, bowling, and obviously programming radios/scanners.

My Toys (Radio Equipment and Scanners)[edit]

  • I currently own or use the following radio equipment:
    • Uniden BCD396XT (only used to log talkgroups via Pro96com, no longer used for monitoring)
    • Motorola XTS 2500 Model II (700/800 MHz P25)-work
    • Motorola XTS 5000 Model III (700/800 MHz P25)-personal
    • Motorola APX 6000 Model 3.5 (700/800 MHz P25)-personal
    • Unication G4 Receiver
    • Unication G5 Receiver
  • My length of involvement in the radio communications/scanner hobby (how long):

I've been playing around with scanners and commercial radios since the early 1990's (WAY too damn long!)

  • I enjoy monitoring the following areas:

Pretty much anything North of the River (KCMO PD/FD, Gladstone, Platte County, Liberty, and North Kansas City).

How I can be reached in between visits to this website:[edit]

E-mail: jason (at) mokanscan (dot) net.

Miscellaneous information about myself:[edit]

Having the privilege of being administrator over this wiki project, please direct any questions or concerns to the e-mail address listed above or via the support ticket system. I tend to keep a very hectic schedule, so don't get impatient if I don't respond right away. I will reply back when time allows.