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There are many ways you can help out on this wiki project. This article is intended for those who like the concept of our wiki, but are hesitant about pulling the trigger on making new contributions.

Here are some helpful suggestions

  • Update the City, County, or area in which you reside.
    • Navigate to an article page that covers your County or hometown, either by using our directory located on the main page, or by using the search box above.
    • If an article already exists, review it and make sure everything looks correct. Make sure all frequencies, responder information, etc is accurate and up to date. If not, dig in and make the appropriate changes.
    • If there's not an article page for your area create one!
  • Find articles to help with. There are several ways to do this:
  1. New Pages-lists all articles that have been recently created. Check that new pages are suitable as articles.
  2. Recent Changes-lists all articles that have been recently added or edited.
  3. Orphaned Pages-lists articles that don't have any links pointing to them. Unless you do something about that, they will most likely end up as forgotten because contributors will typically never come across or make the necessary improvements to them.
  4. Dead End Pages-these are articles which do not link to any others. Sometimes this is okay, while other times this indicates that the page has been created by a new user who is not yet familiar with inserting the appropriate wiki links.
  5. Random Pages as the name suggests, will throw out a random page. Usually you can find something to improve upon in any article.
  6. Proofread. This is one of the most easiest ways to get started with helping our project! While reading over an article, be on the lookout for spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, incorrect punctuation, etc. If you spot an error, go ahead and edit it and make the appropriate corrections. Our wiki articles are now that much better thanks to you!
  7. Reformat article pages. We have a Manual of Style for giving articles a consistent look and feel making it easier for fellow readers/contributors to find and use information. As with proofreading, you can do a lot of good by simply reformatting and restructuring articles to match the manual. Articles that require reformatting are typically stubs which lack the standard headings and outlines.
  8. Check articles for areas you have visited. As with your home County or town, you might consider checking other areas in which you have visited within the Kansas and Missouri region. Check the articles for accuracy, add information, or start something completely new.
  9. Follow red links. When reading through the wiki pages, if you see a link for an article that has not yet been created, follow the red link and add some information. We're nowhere close to covering all of the information we need to have. Whenever you create a new page, we get a little closer to achieving our goal.
  10. Help new contributors. Some new contributors to this project often have a lot of questions or occasionally run into problems. Your experience in contributing can help the new folks overcome their learning curve a bit easier. Look for questions on the discussion pages and take the opportunity to respond helpfully.
  11. Give encouragement! Nothing makes people feel better than knowing that their contributions and hard work are appreciated. Whenever you see a great contribution, let the user who created it (if they're registered) know that you noticed and enjoyed it. Just a bit of encouragement on an article's discussion page, or on a user's personal page can make a world of difference.
  12. Welcome new contributors. When new folks join the wiki project, it's always nice to leave them a brief welcome message pointing them to important parts of the wiki (or even just to say "hello"). We normally like to wait until people have had a chance to set up their user page before leaving them a welcome message.