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Welcome to the Missouri/Kansas Scanner Radio Wiki Project! We, the radio communications/scanner hobbyists who have created and contributed to it hope that you enjoy what you see and find the information you're looking for. We invite you to join us in making this a free, complete, reliable, and up to date resource for everyone!

Finding Information

Our wiki articles, for the most part, are arranged geographically (usually by County). Our primary focus is on public safety communications (law enforcement, fire, and emergency medical services), so more than likely you won't find information about private businesses such as attractions, venues, shopping centers, private security companies, hospitals, taxi cabs, tow trucks, or utility services.

If you can't find what you're looking for, you can always try searching for whatever it is you're interested in learning about. Say for instance you wanted to find out who dispatches for Topeka, KS Police Department and what type of radio system they use. To accomplish this, simply type "City of Topeka" in the search box at the top right-hand side of any page, and off you go! You might be taken directly to a page that lists all pertinent information about Topeka PD-or-if there isn't a page readily available for that agency, you may see a list of pages that at least mention it.

Alternatively, you can browse through our geographical directory, which is located on the main page.

If you're still unable to locate something or run into other problems, there are two ways to ask questions. The first method is to click the Discussion tab at the top of any page, and post your questions there. The second is by creating a support ticket. Either way, you can expect to get a speedy resolution.

Share your knowledge

This is a reader maintained project. All of the information contained within has been generously contributed by the wiki administrators and MOKANSCAN website users just like you. Our goal is to maintain a comprehensive and up to date guide for most of the Kansas and Missouri region, and we welcome your help! Anything you're able to contribute will be greatly appreciated. You don't have to be an "expert" in the radio communications hobby, you just have to be interested enough to get started.

Of course, you're always welcome to dig in and make changes to just about any page. Simply click the edit tab at the top of any page, and you'll be taken to a web form that allows you to change or edit contents of a particular page. Once you're done, click the Save page button and your updates will be displayed immediately. If you're nervous or unsure about getting started, you might consider doing a "practice run" in the sandbox or on your personal user page and stage the information before transferring it to the live wiki site.

As you find yourself becoming more involved with contributing, you may want to check out our tips for new contributors page. We also recommend that you read up on our manual of style for helpful tips on how to construct and edit article pages.

More Information

We have quite a bit of help documentation to make creating, editing, and reading the wiki articles as simple as possible.

If you have a question about the wiki project, please read our frequently asked questions first to see if it's already been answered. If not, feel free to ask your question by opening a support ticket-or click the Discussion tab at the top of any page and someone will guide you in the right direction.